Step 6

Build a Big Tent

Anyone who shares our core values can be an ally. By increasing our allies, we can mutually reinforce and multiply our impact.


Building a Big Tent

Sometimes we can limit ourselves by only looking for allies who are focused on migration or human rights. Many other individuals and groups share our values and interests across business, advocacy issues, advertising, trade unions and media. Working together can broaden our reach, enhance our skills and strengthen our work.

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Collective action

Build collective action with potential partners who share your values across new sectors.

This section of the toolbox will help you to:

Identify local and national organisations

Consider faith-based organisations, the arts sector, sports, trade unions, universities and many more.

Unite with advocacy groups

Unite with groups advocating on behalf of the environment, racial equality, disability rights and other causes.

Consider business and advertising

The private sector has a stake in building a more human rights-based approach to migration.

Connect with the media, influencers and celebrities

Think of how these partners can help extend your reach and build momentum.


#StandUp4Migrants Podcast: Build a Big Tent

In this episode of the UN Human Rights podcast, #StandUp4Migrants, we explore why it's important to find allies across advocacy issues and identities.

Meet Niria Alicia Garcia, a Xicana human rights advocate whose parents migrated from Mexico to the United States. Niria Alicia believes her activism sits at the intersection of migrant justice, climate justice and indigenous rights. Our conversation with Niria Alicia explores her activism and insight on how we can multiply our impact by expanding our network to meet new allies.

Stop Funding Hate and Conscious Advertising Network

Stop Funding Hate galvanises consumer power and social media to persuade advertisers to pull support from publications that spread hate and division. This work led to the creation of the Conscious Advertising Network, a voluntary coalition of over 70 businesses and organisations set up to ensure that advertising industry ethics catch up with the technology of modern advertising.

Popular Culture

Define American partners with the entertainment industry, showrunners and scriptwriters. It has worked on shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Superstore, Party of Five and others, to better reflect realistic migrant characters and complex migration-related storylines in popular culture.

UN Human Rights and Guilty Feminist Podcast

UN Human Rights partners with the Guilty Feminist podcast and Indian-American comedian Hari Kondabolu to host a discussion on migration as part of the Stand-Up for Migrants comedy event.

In the next step, learn how to ensure the ‘Do No Harm’ principle when communicating on migration.

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