Step 4

Think local

Local ‘stories of us’ based on shared values and experiences can create a sense of togetherness and solidarity between migrants and communities.


Why Focus on Local Connections?

We live our lives locally, in our community, our neighbourhood. It’s here that we can build connections that challenge ‘us vs. them’ divisions and create a more inclusive, larger ‘us.’

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Build on Local Connections

Think about where you live and what activities or common spaces create opportunities for people to come together.

This section of the toolbox will help you to:

Build narratives
around what
we have in common.

messaging to
the local context.

Find opportunities
in your community
to showcase ‘stories of us.’


#MyGreat Cooking Class

UN Human Rights partners with migrant women chefs at Geneva-based Nik’s Fudo to bring people together at the local level around the bonding powers of food. Every month in Geneva, a chef will take participants on a culinary voyage sharing new recipes, stories and laughter. Join a MyGreat Cooking Class and stand up for migrants.

Podcast: Think Local with Nik’s Fudo

In this episode of the UN Human Rights podcast, #StandUp4Migrants, we meet the team from Nik's Fudo who are bringing migrants and communities together at the local level, be it in shared spaces or around shared interests.

Solidarity amidst COVID-19

The UN Human Rights Regional Office for Europe produced a video in partnership with the Children from Brześć Station to showcase how migrants from Chechnya and older persons in Poland were able to create connections during the COVID-19 lockdown in their local community.

Backalley Barbers

Our Better World created a video profiling a Singaporean initiative called Backalley Barbers, which highlights the positive relationships built through the shared experience of something as common as a haircut and a volleyball match with friends.

Plan Einstein in Utrecht

The City of Utrecht set up a shared living space for both migrants and local young people called Plan Einstein in Utrecht. By creating a physical space that benefitted both migrants and the local community, Project Einstein helped shift the public attitude towards migrants and migration.


The government of Canada runs #ImmigrationMatters, a storytelling initiative, which features stories of migrants enriching communities as a way to promote positive engagement between newcomers and Canadians.

In the next step, find out how finding common ground can help you better connect with your audience.

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