Step 1

Create a Vision of the World You Want to See

We have a role in helping people believe a different world is possible. A vision of hope is the first step in telling a new story.


Making the shift from fear to hope

Stories of hope inspire people to take action. People want to make a difference and be part of something bigger.

Learn more about why speaking positively about the world we want to see is part of shifting the narrative on migration.

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Create your vision

This section of the toolbox will help you make the transition from focusing on the negative to redirecting attention to the positive changes you want to see in the world.

This process is based on Five Shifts, from:

Fear to

Against to

Problem to

Threat to

Victims to
Rights Holders

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Podcast: Create a vision of the world you want to see

In this episode of the UN Human Rights podcast, #StandUp4Migrants, we speak to land artist Saype. Saype creates large-scale paintings on grass with biodegradable paint. The artwork can only be seen in its entirety by taking an aerial perspective. Saype uses his artwork to inspire people to have a hopeful vision of the world.

Paint the world you want to see

Imagine you are asking a person to create a painting based on the things they should not include, for example, no immigration detention, no hate speech.

Now, imagine you shift to telling the artist what you want in the painting.

Find out what experts say

UN Human Rights asked experts why it is important to have a hopeful vision of the world.

Stories of hope amidst COVID-19

Even during a pandemic, we’ve seen it is possible to shift away from narratives of division towards positive stories of ‘us.’

#ChooseHopeStory illustrates this vision of compassion and unity. Led by the Muse Project, it was created by 250 filmmakers from more than 50 countries during the first few months of the pandemic.

“A Message from the Future”, created by The Leap, paints a vivid picture for a hopeful yet possible future, if actions are taken today. In the video, we see how people came together to overcome systemic challenges and, step by step, they brought about positive change.

In the next step, learn how values are key to connecting with your audience on migration.

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