Take a closer look at some of the events and stories taking place across the world to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


A movie to discuss human rights

The film gathered a hundred students in Geneva

18 October 2018

A hundred students aged from 15 to 19 years attended the screening of ‘Matar A Jesús’ in the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The movie won the Youth Jury Award of the last International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH).

The event was organised by the Fondation Eduki in partnership with the United Nations Information Service in Geneva, the FIFDH and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The screening was followed by a discussion on human rights. “Today, we take for granted the idea that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights but this was a real revolution when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted, in 1948” remembered Veronica Birga, Chief of the Women’s Human Rights and Gender Section (OHCHR). Mrs. Birga was accompanied on the podium by Leïla Perroulaz and Gabrielle Bercin, members of the Youth Jury (FIFDH) and by Mr. Rhéal Leblanc, Chief, Press and External Relations (Office of the United Nations in Geneva).

The movie showed students concrete examples of the links between poverty and violence, and between the judicial system and corruption, among others. The discussion covered these aspects and also referred to some specific articles of the Universal Declaration, such as article 3 (right to life), article 8 (access to justice) and article 28 (right to a free and fair world). The discussants ended by sharing their views on what each of us can do to stand up for human rights, every day, everywhere.

  • I will respect your rights regardless of who you are. I will uphold your rights even when I disagree with you
  • When anyone’s human rights are denied, everyone's rights are undermined, so I will stand up
  • I will raise my voice. I will take action. I will use my rights to stand up for your rights.

people have stood up for human rights

We can all be Human Rights Champions

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