Take a closer look at some of the events and stories taking place across the world to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Opening session of the 65th Students’ UN General Assembly in Geneva. © Titouan Garnier/SUN

Students invited to stand up for human rights

24 January 2018

During 3 days, around 450 students from the Geneva area became ‘delegates’ of the United Nations representing 197 countries and international organizations. They discussed seven resolutions on political and social rights and got acquainted with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Students' United Nations (SUN) is a simulation of a UN General Assembly for Secondary II students in Geneva. On the occasion of its 65th Anniversary and the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR70), the SUN's Executive Committee organized a special celebration revolving around human rights.

For the majority of these students, this experience was their first interaction with the world of international relations. It also allowed them to defend their interests and fuelled their passion for a better world.

In her remarks during the opening session, the United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Kate Gilmore, insisted on the important role that youth can play to ensure respect for human rights, recalling that the Declaration was signed 70 years ago, after the disaster caused by World War II.

"It was born first and foremost out of the worst that human beings can do to each other and on the very founding principle of existence on which we should all rely – and for which there is no acceptable alternative –that we are all born free and equal in dignity and in rights," Gilmore said before inviting all delegates to stand up for human rights.

"If we stand up together for rights, we are incombustible through equality, for justice and for dignity. Just remember one thing... your rights, use them or lose them."

  • I will respect your rights regardless of who you are. I will uphold your rights even when I disagree with you
  • When anyone’s human rights are denied, everyone's rights are undermined, so I will stand up
  • I will raise my voice. I will take action. I will use my rights to stand up for your rights.

people have stood up for human rights

We can all be Human Rights Champions

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