Speak out when you see racist behavior

Stand with the people who are being subjected to racist abuse, and check if they’re ok.
Tell them that they can complain. Many places have a policy on non-discrimination, including racism.
If you feel safe to do so, ask the abusers to stop their abuse, and leave people alone.
Inform managers or authorities of what is happening, so that they may intervene, find a solution, and follow up so that similar incidents do not happen again.

If you see offensive content online or in the media

Report it. Large social media platforms can take down offensive content.
Use social media to stand with people who are victims of discrimination
Bring the problem to the attention of anti-discrimination NGOs, national human rights organizations, or police

Stand with others’ human rights

Join public events in support of human rights - online and/or in the street.
Volunteer with a group that promotes anti-racism defenders.
Promote celebration of diversity, non-discrimination and anti-racism at work and in schools

Call on leaders to fight racial discrimination

See how your country fares in fighting racial discrimination: learn more
Urge your community’s leaders (e.g. religious, local, sporting, cultural leaders) to make public commitments to human rights, including anti-discrimination

Support our work and help promote and defend human rights across the world