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#MyGreat Cooking Class

#MyGreat Cooking Class

We’ve partnered with migrant women chefs at Geneva-based Nik’s Fudo to bring people together at the local level. Every month, participants will be able to go on a culinary voyage with one of the chefs and learn new recipes, share stories and laughter.

“Food brings us together because it allows us to discover the culture and stories of people who are different from us,” said one participant from the first #MyGreat Cooking Class, who enjoyed learning the secrets behind new dishes from chef Safa.

Safa, who migrated to Switzerland from Tunisia, taught the class how to make savory pastries, couscous, and baklava, sharing tips and secret ingredients that make the dishes special. While all dishes originated in Tunisia, they were infused with Safa’s personal touches and influenced by her experiences. Safa’s passion for cooking, her story of migration and openness to sharing her creations to bring a smile to people’s faces, made the cooking class an unforgettable experience.

While the messages around migration that we hear are often associated with fear, division and exclusion of migrants, UN Human Rights believes in the bonding powers of food and replacing harmful narratives with stories that show we have much more in common than what divides us. Like humankind, food has an age-old history of MyGreat-ing and a power to connect people through shared ingredients, memories, laughter and conversations folded in along its path.

The #MyGreat Cooking Class is an opportunity to do just that. UN Human Rights invites you to put your chef’s hat on and join us in celebrating food and migration. As another participant said: “food is different all around the world but at the end, the way we enjoy it and we share it, is really the same.”

If you are in Geneva, Switzerland, sign up for one of the MyGreat cooking classes. If you live somewhere else, find out if there are similar initiatives near you and share your experience with us.


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