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In Focus

Take a closer look at some of the events and actions taking place across the world to highlight how we can stand up for someone’s rights. Join us and together we will make a difference.



The Smurfs stand up for human rights!

Did you know that the Smurfs are working on ending poverty, fighting inequality, and tackling climate change? They have signed on to support the 17 goals for Sustainable Development which were adopted in 2015. And they are calling for people to stand up for justice and equality.

The “Small Smurfs Big Goals” campaign is designed to encourage everyone to learn about and support the Sustainable Development Goals.

If you would like to encourage children and young people to learn more about and champion the Sustainable Development Goals, you can help them join “Team Smurfs” by visiting the SmallSmurfsBigGoals.com website. Visitors can find information on how to contribute to achieving the goals; discover which ones are best suited to their interests; raise their voices for a better world for all; and share information, ideas and images on social media.

More information can also be found in the campaign video.

Join #TeamSmurfs and #standup4humanrights!